Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fostering Creativity In Children Successful People In The Future


Children need their parents a lot of help in order to develop the ability to produce ideas that lead to creativity. It has been said that creativity is creating original ideas and children can develop this ability based on the dedication of their parents in care and care.

Creativity in children is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to grow, for which there are many activities and simple exercises to perform, which can be done both at home and at nursery schools in Dubai. The child sees the world differently, this does not mean that it is incorrect.

8 Tips for Encouraging Creativity in Children:

Allowing children to make mistakes is one of the fundamental steps in order to encourage their creativity, As for us it may be a mistake, but for them the best way to acquire a good learning.

Reading stories to children before bed is an appropriate option for them to develop their imagination and with it creativity to perform various activities.

To strengthen children's creativity, it is appropriate to give them some key words, two or three, so that children can create a story or story with them. In this way you can strengthen your creativity and create interesting stories.

It is important to encourage creativity in children, but also to learn to investigate, so it is appropriate to give them some guidelines for doing an activity where they should look for how to do it properly.

Often at IB schools in Dubai or at home the child is told after an answer: you are wrong or make fun of him, this does not help at all, since the child is afraid to say what he thinks. The right thing is to listen carefully so you know your ideas and know how to orient it.

The creativity and imagination of children can not be limited, so if they want to make a story with objects or represent it by means of elements it should be encouraged and help find them.

Painting is an appropriate activity to encourage creativity in children, this should be done without a sample so that the child can translate on paper what comes out of his mind and not a copy of reality.

Parents and teachers should be people who are responsible for creating an environment so that children can be creative in school where there are no cries, insults and much less insults or disrespect towards people.

Through activities focused on creativity in children, you can achieve that when they are big they see the life in a different way, that they do not put near goals, but on the contrary live to fulfill their goals and dreams.

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